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CFHE offers engaging and relevant professional training and presentations to TK - 12 educators, specialists, and administrators. We strive for meaningful content paired with collaboration, mentorship, and an engaging environment.

Textbook Adoption

We guide your adoption committees on how to evaluate instructional materials that align with state standards and frameworks.


Curriculum Mapping and Skills Articulation​

It’s not a pacing guide! We can help your teachers map curriculum to build a roadmap for content and skills acquisition. 


Inquiry Design Model

We will work with your teachers to understand the Inquiry Design Model and all of its components for authentic inquiry in the classroom.

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CA HSS Framework

Learn more about the Four Shifts of the CA-HSS Framework (Content, Literacy, Inquiry, Citizenship) and how to implement them into your curriculum.

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Project-Based Learning

Work with our team to develop gold-standard PBL for your students to engage in, fostering a learning environment that supports both student choice and voice.


Authentic Assessment

Our trainers work with your teachers on how to create and use formative and summative assessments for authentic student learning and feedback. 


Next Generation Science

We can help teachers make sense of the three dimensions of learning in the NGSS, as well as understanding the standards, instructional practices, and assessments.


Teacher Clarity

Teacher clarity is “a powerful tool for narrowing and focusing activities, cutting away aspects of instruction that don't help learning.” (Corwin, 2017) We can show you what this means and how to implement it!

Custom Experiences

& Coaching


Lesson Design

Our team coaches your teachers on how to design engaging, interactive, and pedagogically based lessons that teachers and students will love to learn with.

 Playbooks &

Curated Materials

CFHE has delivered trainings, presentations, collaborated with, and presented to a variety of audiences and organizations, including...

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